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In days of 8-bit yore, the best thing about winning an arcade game was to have your name glowing from the ‘Leader board’ (More like ‘Loser board’) in fuzzy blue neon type. Pah!. Now, thanks to advances in brain-size and capitalism, you can actually win food. No shingles!

Enter Macca’s Mini Games. The chance to win fries, burgers, sundaes and a myriad of other delectable Macca’s treats, by playing games. Take that socialism! I reckon you could download the app and maybe feed the whole family. But don’t quit your day jobs just yet, it’s valid only ‘Whilst the promotion lasts.’

DDB, Passion & I had a a bucket load of fun imagining amongst other things; A helium headed hyper lady golfer, a pirouetting ‘off his stroke’ old grumpy golf dude, a histrionic bird, a maze running guy with a dicky gyroscope but a hard head and all manner of scenic delights to nest these characters in.

Awesome once again to do the waltz with Passion and all the talent that orbits around them. It’s like opening a chocolate box to be presented with 30 strawberry creams and not one marzipan in sight!


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